A walking trail winds its way through Fairfield Glade, a scenic vacation spot in the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee west of Knoxville. A meandering stream brings beauty to both the eyes and the ears.

After passing through a pedestrian tunnel beneath the main road and approaching a simple ball field, I noticed the stream had dried up. Apparently, it only carries water in heavy downpours.

But in the dry stream bed behind one home was a sign: “Whale Watch.” In Tennessee?

Then, when getting closer and looking down, I could spot the three “whales.”

I was reminded that seeing sometimes requires more than just looking. Ever wondered how much stuff we miss?

Yogi was redundantly right: “You can observe a lot by just watching.” That is, if you watch more closely.

Being perceptive takes a trained eye. I wondered how many people had passed along this trail and seen only rocks — or nothing at all.

But at least one person saw whales in Tennessee. There is something to be said for paying attention. You never know what you might see — or miss.

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