By John D. Pierce

What if you could spend a day with an active participant and Christian leader in the Civil Rights Movement who was mentored in life and ministry by Drs. Martin Luther King Sr. and Jr.?

Such opportunities come along very rarely — and will not be possible in years ahead. But this unique experience is being offered on Thursday, Sept. 14, in Atlanta.

Dr. Albert Paul Brinson will share from his personal experiences with the King family and his involvement in the Civil Rights Movement including a well-orchestrated student sit-in that resulted in his arrest (and bailout by Dr. King Sr.), and many other demonstrations including the March on Washington and the Selma to Montgomery March.

He will share personal stories from his time as associate pastor to the Kings at historic Ebenezer Baptist Church and the funeral services of his beloved mentors.

Over a private lunch at Paschal’s (an unofficial communications center of the movement) we will hear about the organizational efforts, social dynamics and courageous actions in the struggle for racial equality. And so much more!

This is an experience not to be missed! It will be informative, inspiring and memorable.

We will travel throughout the day by charter bus with Dr. Brinson to the various historic sites including Ebenezer Baptist Church, The King Center, Paschal’s Restaurant, Atlanta University Center, MLK Jr. Chapel at Morehouse College and Student Movement Boulevard.

We will meet at and depart from Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church, where we’ll return at the end.

To participate, register here for Nurturing Faith Experience: Civil Rights. Don’t miss it!

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