My friend and I were talking and she mentioned something about how our generation is unconventional. When I got home from her house I started thinking: what is our generation?

We are a different generation. The old has gone the new has come. We are out-of-the-box thinkers.

We are unconventional, push-the-line risk takers.

We drop our jaws when professors tell us we can’t use the Internet as a source for a paper. We keep up with the news on Facebook is our way of finding out who is dating who, or who is now available, and Myspace is a household name.

We aren’t as respectful to our elders as the generations before us, but we think it’s OK because that’s just “who we are.”

We are a generation that sometimes thinks twice before getting on a plane. We are a generation that spends 90 percent of its time in front of computer screen.

We are a generation that challenges the politicians’ conventional way of thinking, and threatens to vote inexperienced ex-rockers as the future governor of our states.

We criticize those older than us because we are the “know it all” generation. Don’t tell us what to do or how to do it, because chances are we’ve already come up with 10 different ways to do it better.

We are a generation that walks around with two white buds in our ears. Don’t talk to us, because chances are our music is up too loud to hear what you are saying.

We are a “me” generation, an “I” generation. What helps me, what gets me ahead, how can I be successful.

We are a generation that many believe is faced with the very real possibility of seeing the rapture.

And because of all this: we are a generation that is doing something big.

We are a generation leading worship in ways that have never been thought of. We are a generation branching out and making God’s name known.

We are a generation that graduates college and goes overseas to share the gospel with those who have never heard it before.

We are a generation that is sold out.

We are a generation that is real.

We are a generation that isn’t giving up.

We are the future.

Emma Rentcome is a senior at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas, and member of Jersey Village Baptist Church in Houston.

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