Notebooks and other school supplies are flying off the shelves. Teachers are readying their classrooms. In some cases, yellow buses are starting to roll this week or the next.

Whatever happened to summer? The temperature here in central Georgia will hit the mid-90s today. Sure feels like summer to me.

Officially, summer began on June 21 — but the whole month gets treated like summer. And the Fall Equinox occurs on Sept. 22 — a good month or more into the school year for some.

The tourism industry has pushed the school start back a bit in some states. Good beach weather goes to waste when kids go back to school early.

Good theologians know that God intended summer to begin with Memorial Day weekend and end with Labor Day weekend. That is a proper amount of time to enjoy the seasonal benefits of long days, fresh tomatoes, baseball, swimming and a less-agenda-driven life.

But sorry, kids. It’s time for the early morning alarm. And the after-school parental cries of: “Do your homework. Go to bed.”

We know you don’t want to hear about the old days when we walked two miles to school — uphill both ways. But you REALLY don’t want to hear about how much summer we had to enjoy each year.

For way back then, August was part of the summer rather than the fall.

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