Stuart Shepard says he was just kidding when mounting a video campaign to pray down rain on Sen. Barack Obama’s acceptance speech this Thursday night in Denver. But his passion sounded a bit stronger than any mild attempt at humor.

According to WorldNetDaily, the video was pulled after constituents complained. Shepard is digital media director for Focus on the Family Action, the organization’s “political arm” — as if Focus’ head honcho is not political enough.

But California pastor Wiley Drake — who has milked more mileage out of serving one term as second vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention than anyone in history — has taken up the charge. He is still gunning for a mile-high gully-washer.

The nearby tornado that greeted delegates arriving in Denver on Sunday probably increased Drake’s fervent plea. In fact, his only regret might be having not thought of this idea earlier and presenting it as a motion to the SBC meeting in Indy this summer.

(However, it is obvious to most observers that the perennial motion-maker’s microphone shenanigans and spotlight chasing have run their course with most Southern Baptists.)

Of course, whether “rain of biblical proportions” will come to Denver on Thursday evening is not yet known. But if it does, we can be pretty sure who will take the credit in the name of prohibiting “sodomites” from getting married.

Unlike the weather, this is for certain: Never do Baptists or other so-called evangelical leaders cast the glow of stupidity on all the faithful any brighter than when attempting to recruit God to their side.

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