When Typhoon Morakot dealt a devastating blow to Taiwan earlier this month, Baptist leaders knew where to turn for help. Baptist World Aid (BWAid) sent an initial gift of $10,000 to the Chinese Baptist Convention to enable local Baptists to better assist victims immediately.

The relief arm of the Baptist World Alliance, led by British Baptist Paul Montacute, who works out of BWA headquarters in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C., but travels the world, is now coordinating ongoing relief efforts. BWAid helps Baptist groups around the world, large and small, to assist each other in times of tragedy.

Joseph Tseng Ching-En, General Secretary of the Chinese Baptist Convention (CBC) in Taiwan, told BWA leaders that many victims were “swallowed and buried by landslides.” The death toll is expected to exceed 500.

It is one thing to have a compassionate heart. It is another to be organized and connected in such a way that compassion can be delivered in a timely, effective manner.

That is just one of the many good reasons for Baptist churches and fellowships of churches to be a part of the worldwide family that voluntarily gathers under the banner of the Baptist World Alliance.

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