I was starting my own coaching and consulting business several months ago when a friend gave me a little book by Bob Burg called “The Go-Giver” that introduced me to the “Law of Value.”

The Law of Value states, “Your true worth is determined by how much you give in value than you take in payment.”

In this law, value is defined by five characteristics:

The first is excellence, which brings your greatest abilities to the task at hand.

The second is consistency, which leads you to be excellent all the time.

The third is paying attention to a client’s needs and values.

The fourth is empathy, which puts you in the client’s shoes in order to understand the feelings and thoughts of others.

The fifth is showing appreciation.

I resonated with this law. That’s the kind of person I want to be.

For me, Baptist Center for Ethics / EthicsDaily.com is a shining example of the Law of Value in action.

Executive director Robert Parham, media producer Cliff Vaughn, managing editor Zach Dawes and the rest of the staff at EthicsDaily.com exude excellence by shining light on the issues of our day.

Each day, EthicsDaily.com provides consistent value by providing insightful articles and commentaries on its website.

EthicsDaily.com pays attention to the needs of pastors and church leaders through its extensive library of educational resources.

Through compelling documentaries, EthicsDaily.com helps me to understand and empathize with the challenges faced by African-Americans, Muslims, immigrants and the imprisoned.

BCE’s latest documentary, “The Disturbances,” reveals the untold story of how Christian missionaries from various denominations worked together to save lives in the 1966 genocide in Nigeria.

For me, the documentary also highlights the dangers of a tribalism that demonizes the other, a dynamic that I see popping up in our country and throughout the world.

Throughout it all, EthicsDaily.com shows appreciation to its readers and audience while challenging us to re-examine our values in light of the gospel and the common good.

The true worth of EthicsDaily.com to the thousands of daily readers, pastors and church leaders is incalculable.

In turn, I want to show my appreciation for the value I have received from EthicsDaily.com by giving financially so that it can increase its value to many more people.

It’s my way to give more in value than I take.

Will you join me in supporting EthicsDaily.com?

Michael Cheuk is a BCE board member. He and his family live in Charlottesville, Virginia. He is a leadership coach and church consultant at michaelkcheuk.com.

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