I was introduced to the Baptist Center for Ethics (BCE), now EthicsDaily.com, at the beginning of my pastoral ministry.

My first interaction with BCE leaders centered on content regarding the missional church movement, something that very few people were discussing at the time, but which would soon become extremely relevant to church life.

BCE also provided opportunities for me as a young pastor to explore my love for the intersection of faith and politics.

I discovered that there was a community of leaders who were not afraid to address timely issues regarding race, environmental concerns, the widening sexual abuse scandal among clergy and congregations, morality among civic leaders and many other significant concerns that, frankly, churches would rather not discuss.

Today, EthicsDaily.com delivers thoughtful, engaging content around important issues with a prophetic edge.

That’s just the foundational reason why I support EthicsDaily.com. Let me give you three more.

First, EthicsDaily.com invites leaders to go deep in an increasingly shallow world. It’s always tempting to gloss over or ignore issues. It’s equally easy to reduce issues in a dualistic response (left/right, for/against), forgetting the real people affected by these issues.

A Jesus-shaped response requires theological reflection as well as careful understanding of events. EthicsDaily.com provides a deep dive and an invitation to learn more.

Second, through the resources of EthicsDaily.com, I’m encouraged not just to speak the truth, but to speak the truth in love. The divisiveness of culture often stifles meaningful engagement around issues.

When people disagree, it can quickly devolve into unproductive shouting. We need courage to speak truth, to build bridges and to maintain unity.

Third, I trust the leaders of EthicsDaily.com. Mitch Randall, Cliff Vaughn, Zach Dawes, Joel Emerson, Michael Leathers and Brian Kaylor – these are leaders I respect and value. They are people of integrity. They deliver quality again and again.

I can say unequivocally that EthicsDaily.com has been a steady, significant part of my ministry, and the churches I have served, for the span of my career.

There aren’t many other partners like that I can point to. EthicsDaily.com serves an important role among Baptists and beyond.

More than a website, EthicsDaily.com gathers a community that makes a difference. I’m proud to be a part of it.

Editor’s note: Individuals who sign up during August to make monthly donations to support EthicsDaily.com will receive a free T-shirt.

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