I remember sitting in my senior seminar in seminary discussing case studies all of which had some sort of ethical dilemma to ponder.

It was an intimidating experience because I was nestled into the collaborative community of fellow ministers. They knew me, and I knew them.

We had traveled a journey of challenging our theological beliefs and stretching our understandings of what it meant to be a minister.

We had lamented how much reading we had to do, made up songs to learn Greek and Hebrew words and had shared books and food. We were all in the journey to become ministers together.

But now, as I read the news of churches who find themselves in the midst of ethical dilemmas, my heart begins to race as I utter a prayer of desperation, “Please God, don’t let this ever be us.”

Ministry can be a lonely profession, especially for those of us who are pastoring smaller congregations with limited staff.

Ministering in our current sociopolitical context is daunting as ministers seek to hear God’s voice in all of the noise that surrounds us while balancing the reality that our families depend on our income.

Ministers and churches need a challenging voice to raise serious questions about the ethical dilemmas facing us all. EthicsDaily.com is that voice.

The staff and writers of EthicsDaily.com do not shy away from tough or sensitive issues, but rather confront those issues head on with integrity and fairness, including multiple perspectives and voices.

This is what the church needs. This is what ministers need.

We need that collaborative community we had as we studied and learned to become ministers.

We need to be challenged above all else to listen to the still, small voice calling us always to love God and love our neighbors.

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