It seems that everybody has a cause — and many are held with great passion. That’s especially true in our nation’s capital where lobbyists take their causes to lawmakers.

While sloshing down rainy D.C. streets and boarding Metro trains on Tuesday, I took notice of some of these causes and the variety of ways awareness is being raised.

These photos represent a very small sampling — from street signs to public demonstrations.

The sign warning of extensive use of antibiotics in farm animals (displayed on Metro trains running near the Capitol) is a current campaign by the Pew Charitable Trusts.

In general, the word “lobbyist” has a negative connotation because industry representatives spend millions of dollars seeking legislation that will help increase revenues for their stockholders. Yet others lobby for causes that relate to justice, peace, equality and freedom.

The current issue of Delta’s Sky magazine tells of how breast cancer research has become the “Mother of Cause Marketing” in which that cause is identified simply by the color pink.

Many causes are advanced on behalf of those who suffer and have little or no voice of influence. Often these causes relate to poverty, health, housing, abuse and/or human rights.

People of faith should always be standing up for those in need rather than giving our greater efforts to advancing self-serving causes.

In the King James English, according to John 18:37, Jesus said the “cause” for which he came into the world was to “bear witness to the truth.” Truth in love seems to be a good way to bring influence into the public square on behalf of others.

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