MtnDewI love to travel, but it comes with a variety of hardships. The feeling of being herded like cattle at the airport, long flights in cramped seats, long lines at passport control, jet lag … all can take a toll.

Adjusting to different foods is an adventure in itself, though an enjoyable one. In Israel, for example, the closest thing to meat you can find to go with your breakfast eggs is a sort of Spam made from fish, but there are multiple options for hummus, tahini, cheeses galore, and salads of every description.

What there is not is Mountain Dew. You can find Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, and Sprite. You can score Pepsi, Pepsi Max, or even Lipton Iced Tea.

But there is no Mountain Dew to be found, regular, diet, or otherwise. I don’t know why.

I’ve never liked coffee and have never been tempted by “energy drinks,” but I still like a good shot of caffeine in the morning. Diet Mountain Dew not only packs a decent punch, but its citrus flavor blends with breakfast better than a dark cola.

I don’t really suffer from Diet Dew withdrawal when overseas, but I do enjoy a happy reunion on the return trip. After arriving home from Israel last week, I happily downed an entire two-liter in less than a day before gravitating back to my customary single can with breakfast, and there is no lack of  12 packs at the grocery store.

What a country.

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