Eighteen percent of charitable giving happens in December, more than double the next highest month, according to one report on charitable giving.
Another philanthropic organization estimates that 22 percent of online gifts occur in the final two days of the year.

Recognizing these cultural giving dynamics and the ongoing decline in denominational support for faith-based organizations, the Baptist Center for Ethics (BCE) has turned more energetically this December to appealing for individual donor support through the use of social media.

Appeals have been made with Twitter and Facebook. Requests for support have appeared on the website, EthicsDaily.com, and in the e-newsletter of EthicsDaily.com.

All these platforms have provided a link for online giving. Donors have the option of different levels of giving, ranging from $10 to multiples of $50

The appeal platforms have differed but the message has remained the same: Donor support for the Baptist Center for Ethics (EthicsDaily.com) advances the common good through the organization’s documentaries; substantive, relevant articles; and celebratory events.

BCE also encourages traditional giving with checks by providing the organization’s mailing address.

If donors wish to make a transfer of stock, BCE has a Schwab account. For more information about making a stock transfer, email or call Robert Parham

BCE/EthicsDaily.com has become recognized among goodwill Baptists and others as a leader in providing moral resources for churches, collaborating with the larger ecumenical community, especially around the issue of immigration, and supporting interfaith engagement between Baptists and Muslims.

“When you give to support BCE/EthicsDaily.com, you help us to advance the common good via documentaries, to address the plight of the undocumented, to encourage positive Baptist-Muslim engagement, and to tackle issues in real time that better equip Christians in their public witness,” said Robert Parham, BCE’s executive director.

To learn more about BCE/EthicsDaily.com, watch a 5-minute profile video.

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