You never know what a day will bring. My brother Don was headed to work on Monday morning, despite being so sick he should have stayed home. Along an isolated stretch of road he apparently passed out, hit a culvert, destroyed his truck — and broke his neck, among other things.

truckA whole lot of plans got changed in a hurry, as family members dropped what they were doing, made arrangements for other responsibilities to be covered, and converged on Athens Regional Hospital in Athens, Georgia.

I’m happy to report that extensive surgery appears to have a good outcome and signs point to a good, if long and painful, recovery. We’re all very appreciative of the many prayers and well wishes offered in his behalf.

And I’m reminded once again, as often before, that you can wake up thinking you know what the day will bring, but that’s always subject to change. As the old saying goes, if you want there to be laughter in heaven, just tell God your plans.

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