The newest book on the shelf at Good Faith Media’s bookstore offers resources for personal and communal worship.

Worship Anew in Babylon, by Doug Bryan, was created with the hope of providing encouragement, insight and discussion as we learn to live, even prosper and to sing songs of praise and worship in our times of exile. Exile is a time of new thoughts, understandings, revelations and actions. 

Learning to live anew in exile and banishment is necessary. Exile involves our past—what we have left behind. It involves our present—how we will live today. And it involves our future—what our legacy will be.

“What most pastors know is that worship itself does not have to be dreary or monotonous,” writes Bryan, Emeritus Associate Provost at Gardner-Webb University. “It is intended, as biblical text and church history both teach us, to be lively and engaging, active and God-centered—experienced deeply within one’s soul. When that happens, nothing is more uplifting or humanly engaging than a collection of believers worshiping their God.”

Worship Anew in Babylon taps into the very sap that runs throughout the ecumenical tree of our Christian faith,” says Rev. Drew Mangion, pastor of Shelby Presbyterian Church. “While Dr. Bryan draws from his Baptist branch of the tree, he engages the historic church and the seasons of human life.”

Bryan is a native of South Carolina and holds five undergraduate and graduate degrees. He is also an active church member. In his spare time, he enjoys antiques, writing and reading. He is married to Julie and the couple have two adult sons, Matthew and Stephen.

Worship Anew in Babylon is available in paperback for $22 (including shipping) at GFM’s bookstore. The book will be available in the future as an eBook at Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes and Noble (Nook).

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