By John D. Pierce

Whether alone or with the few with whom you share germs, Nurturing Faith Bible Studies by Tony Cartledge are a great place to turn in these odd and uncertain times.

So we are making access to these Bible lessons and resources FREE for a limited time. Just use the password “hope” at this link:

There you will find the weekly Bible lessons along with lesson plans for adults and youth, and Tony’s “Digging Deeper” notes and “Hardest Question” responses.

You might start by watching Tony’s excellent video overview of the lesson.

These videos and online lessons and resources can fill an important gap while in-person Bible study classes and worship services are being cancelled.

Expect to learn a lot! Nurturing Faith Bible Studies are never dumbed downed. They are both scholarly and applicable to faithful daily living.

I describe my longtime friend Tony as having a scholar’s mind, a pastor’s heart and a writer’s clarity.

Spend a little time digging into the biblical wisdom that has guided generations through life’s many and varied experiences.

-John D. Pierce is executive editor of Nurturing Faith (, soon be a part of the emerging and expanding Good Faith Media (

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