Nineteen percent of American workers are in jobs that are exposed to AI (artificial intelligence), according to a Pew Research Center report published July 26.

These are jobs that are typically in higher-paying fields where advanced college degrees are valued. The report discovered that women are more likely than men to be exposed to AI at work.

As AI grows in popularity, many may wonder how they will be affected by this technological change and if it will lead to job losses. Since AI is meant to “mimic cognitive functions,” it is more likely that higher paying jobs will utilize the technology, but the Pew Research report does not consider “AI-enabled machines” or “industrial robots” that can perform physical tasks prevalent in lower-paying jobs.

Among higher-paid workers exposed to AI, one of the key findings in this report states that “Asian workers and college graduates are among the highest paid of workers most exposed to AI.

Industries that have the most exposure to AI include professional, scientific, technological services, finance, insurance, and real estate. Industries least likely to be exposed to AI include food service, retail, transportation, and managerial and administrative services. 

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