Willie Nelson wrote a song called “Three Days,” which Faron Young made into a hit in 1962. It’s a “hurtin’ song” about lost love.

“Three days filled with tears and sorrow – yesterday, today and tomorrow. And it does no good to hope these days will end ’cause the same three days start over again.”

With less twang and despair, Nurturing Faith Journal can also be viewed in terms of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Literally, viewed.


Past issues of the journal are now being archived on the new Good Faith Media website. This allows for those doing research, or simply looking for an opinion piece or feature story they recall, to dig around freely.

Journals dating back through 2016 are currently available in this user-friendly digital format here. As time allows, additional issues will be added until we reach the inaugural one dated April 1983.

Over the past 37 years, this national publication has evolved in format and focus – while staying true to its core commitments – including name changes from SBC Today to Baptists Today to Nurturing Faith Journal.

So much of the original content is found nowhere else in print or online. The archives offer free access to past issues that are six months old or more.


Current issues of Nurturing Faith Journal, with weekly Bible studies by Tony Cartledge, are available in print or digital form, or a combination subscription. Check out the options here.

Those with digital subscriptions have exclusive access to the three latest issues of the journal. When a new issue is posted, the oldest of the three is moved to the archives.

The journal is alive and well!

Current subscribers will continue receiving the journal or having digital access as usual. Simply click the “my account” link at the top, right-hand corner of the GFM site to access the journal and manage your subscription.

The formation of Good Faith Media strengthens our operations and capacity for marketing.

Any changes, such as phone numbers, mailing addresses and email addresses are being implemented carefully so readers and supporters can stay in touch.

And the same familiar team of editors and writers is on hand. If questions, you can always reach out to us at info@goodfaithmedia.org.


The formation of Good Faith Media provides an exciting and hopeful future in which the journal, Bible studies, books and other resources can thrive and evolve through continually changing times.

This new environment of innovation with an expanded team of creative communicators is opening new doors as well.

The multi-media offerings – print, digital, audio and video – allow for addressing timely issues in a variety of effective ways.

New collaborations are being formed nearly weekly. Having Nurturing Faith Journal as an integral part of Good Faith Media allows for strategically and creatively shaping this historic publication for yet another time of cultural and technological change.

We want readers to enjoy and benefit from reading Nurturing Faith Journal – yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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