1. Charleston Church Massacre Looms Over SC Hate Crimes Debate (Bluffton Today)
  2. The Story of Nat Turner’s Bible, a Historic Relic that Inspired Enslaved Blacks to Rebel (Face 2 Face Africa)
  3. Some Christian Schools are Finally Grappling With Their Racist Past and Segregated Present (The Undefeated)
  4. The Citizen Christian: Gospel, Conscience and Dissent (Baptist News Global)
  5. Al Sharpton and Doug Pagitt: This Election is a Test of Faith. White Christian Voters Should Ask Themselves a Familiar Question: What Would Jesus Do? (TIME)
  6. After Online Warnings, Armed Civilians Bring Threat of Violence to Protests in Kenosha and Elsewhere (Washington Post)
  7. Alleged Kenosha Shooter’s Social Media Depicts Affinity for Guns, Police and Trump (CNN)
  8. Prominent Christian Scholars Are, Once Again, Disavowing Trump. But do They Go Far Enough? (Christian Century)
  9. Religious Tourism Has Been Hit Hard in the Pandemic as Sites Close and Pilgrimages are Put on Hold (Shelton Herald)
  10. Latin America: Evangelical Churches Hit Hard by Pandemic (Associated Press)
  11. Latin America: Dozens of Evangelical Pastors Have Died in Bolivia, Nicaragua During Pandemic (Huffington Post)
  12. Europe: The UK is Facing Down COVID Without Turning to Religion (Politics UK)
  13. Europe: New Survey of Catholic Religious Orders in Germany Finds Decades of Abuse Allegations (Crux Now)
  14. Australia: Wealth, Not Faith, Drives Most Students to Religious Schools (Sydney Morning Herald)
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