Good Faith Media has established an endowment fund in honor of John D. Pierce.

The John D. Pierce Endowment Fund is a planned giving opportunity for foundations, institutions and individuals interested in supporting faith-based journalism.

Pierce is retiring at the end of 2023 after more than two decades as the executive editor/publisher of Nurturing Faith Journal, which is now a part of Good Faith Media.

“The John D. Pierce Endowment Fund honors one of the greatest Baptist journalists of our time,” said GFM’s CEO Mitch Randall. “John D. Pierce, more affectionally known as ‘Johnny,’ has provided insightful and inspirational journalism during a time in Baptist life when it was most needed. Pierce’s three decades of contributions will shape numerous Christians, clergy and faith leaders for multiple generations.”

Committed to a Jesus Worldview, inclusion and justice, the Pierce Endowment Fund will provide critical resources for the next generation of believers committed to the common good for all of God’s children.

“Johnny Pierce’s vocational transition from campus ministry to religious journalism was singularly motivated – Johnny wanted to be a trusted, truthful voice,” said Jack Glasgow, the past chair of GFM’s board of directors. “He has fulfilled this role admirably through a long career. I know of no person more trusted to tell the truth to us, a welcome journalistic and editorial voice of integrity so needed in an age of misinformation, misleading and mistrust. Naming GFM’s endowment fund after Johnny Pierce is a fitting tribute to his legacy and an important reminder to GFM that there is always a story to be told with truth and integrity.”

The fund will provide financial support of faith-based journalism for future generations of good faith individuals and communities.

“Johnny Pierce has had a long and important career in Baptist journalism, and his voice has been an important part of the conversation within the moderate Baptist community,” said Bill McConnell, a member of GFM’s governing board. “We are introducing the John D. Pierce Endowment Fund as a means of honoring Johnny’s career as well as providing for future projects which can have an impact similar to the Jesus Worldview Initiative. I am proud to financially support this endowment.”

For additional information and details on how to give, click here. You may also email or call 615-627-7763.

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