For many years, the friendly voice of Jannie Lister usually greeted those calling the Nurturing Faith office. Kind and courteous to all, Jannie would respond to whatever questions arose – often patiently guiding a frustrated caller through the website or updating a subscription.

Upon ending such calls, many felt like they’d spent time talking with a friend rather than just conducting business. Those managing group subscriptions, especially, quickly developed personal, trusting relationships with her.

Indeed, Jannie is a dear friend to those of us privileged to work with her, as well as those who only know her as the voice on the other end of a call.

“Customer service” was more than a job to Jannie. She was genuinely friendly with co-workers, donors, subscribers and anyone else who might come her way.

“Jannie is probably the easiest person I’ve ever worked with,” said longtime managing editor and now senior copy editor, Jackie Riley, who recruited her to join the team more than 15 years ago. “She is willing to learn whatever is asked of her and is always cheerful, optimistic and supportive of our mission.”

In addition to answering the phone and handling customer service matters, Jannie picked up and sorted mail, handled credit card payments, shipped journals and books, updated subscriptions (willingly learning new software) and so much more.

Jannie wraps up her good work as customer service manager this month and will be missed by all of us. So, we want to publicly thank her and wish the very best for her in the days ahead.

A high standard has been set. But be assured the Good Faith Media team is ready to answer questions and assist subscribers, book purchasers, authors, supporters and anyone else interested in or engaged in this expanded work.

Again, thanks, Jannie! You are loved and appreciated.

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