Offering an exploration of the Gospels in search of a “common-sense gospel,” If Jesus Were Here Today is the latest book from Nurturing Faith Books, the publishing imprint of Good Faith Media.

Jesus’s life in Palestine was drastically different from our life today. However, Christians are expected to emulate his beliefs and actions.

It’s difficult to know the mind and follow the example of a person who lived so long ago, but the Gospels do include some frequently overlooked vignettes that teach us about Jesus’s personal character, values and methods of ministry. They can help us determine what Jesus would say and do about current issues.

Jesus was an extremely practical individual. Over and over, he used logic to make his point or win his argument. This is a simple method all of us can still use today.

If a traditional religious practice or doctrine leads to confusion or harmful consequences, then it should be discarded. By considering these and other seemingly insignificant incidents, we find glimpses into Jesus’s attitudes, thinking patterns and techniques of operation.

In If Jesus Were Here Today, Maralene and Miles Wesner help readers to discover a common-sense gospel that can be applied in our modern world.

The Wesner are multi-talented teachers and prolific writers. They have published more than 150 audio-visual education aids and pioneered new reading methods with their Phonics in a Nutshell (1965).

This is their fourth book published by Nurturing Faith Books. Previously, they published several books with Broadman Press and self-published 30 books with Diversity Press.

Noted for their no-nonsense style, clear illustrations and willingness to face controversial issues, they seek to be a bridge between the spiritual and the intellectual worlds.

If Jesus Were Here Today is available in paperback for $18 (including shipping) at GFM’s bookstore, and it will be available soon as an eBook at Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes and Noble (Nook).

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