By John D. Pierce

The July/August issue of Nurturing Faith Journal is chocked full of good stuff — specifically written for this publication.

Dan Day’s superb article on Christian nationalism gives historical context and timely insight into the susceptibility of churchgoers to be drawn into dangerous allegiances apart from following Jesus. His “seven marks of a ‘Christian nation’ in a perilous hour’ should serve as a stark warning to Christians in America today.

Historian Bruce Gourley shows us how tribalism is woven into the fabric of the human story from cave dwellers to the current coronavirus crisis in his insightful article, “Who’s to blame? Jesus offers alternatives to scapegoating and injustice.”

Bruce also explores the impact of religious faith on the life and presidency of Gerald R. Ford in the ongoing series, “Religion and the American Presidents.”

Pastoral leaders offer their takes on the “new normal” coming out of congregational creativity amid the pandemic. What is being discovered that has lasting value for churches? Read and find out.

In his column, “Questions Christians ask scientists,” astrophysicist Paul Wallace takes on: “Why should people of good faith encourage scientific understanding?”

As Paul notes: “To pursue science is to exercise one’s God-given capacity to learn and know and understand, directed toward God’s very good creation.”

We can all benefit from the kind of information and inspiration that enables us to responsibly reconsider what it means to follow Jesus at a time when so many false claims are made in his name.

The July/August issue of Nurturing Faith Journal provides such insights — along with the superb weekly Bible studies by Tony Cartledge.

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