Two new titles are now available from Nurturing Faith Books, the publishing imprint of Good Faith Media.

The Best Version of Alice is the fifth novel from Merrill J. Davies and her third book published by Nurturing Faith Books.

A shy 11th grader, Alice ends the debate season with a win, the first step toward having the courage during her senior year to speak up when she learns that her friend is being abused.

She makes some progress, tutoring Sophie in writing during the summer and encouraging Juan as he deals with his cancer.

The real test will come in the spring. Will she be strong enough to report the abuse she knows is happening, even when the abused won’t admit it, and the abuser is well loved in the school community?

Davies taught high school English for 31 years and served as debate and literary events coach and yearbook advisor. She graduated from Union College in Barbourville, Kentucky, with a B.A. in English with minors in Education and French, and began her teaching career in high school English at Lee County High School in Beattyville, Kentucky.

Taking on the Cross: Reimagining the Meaning of Jesus’ Life and Death, edited by F. Timothy Moore, Amy L. Mears, John Ballenger, Ben Sanders III, Graham B. Walker, Jr., is the sixth book published by Nurturing Faith Books in partnership with the Alliance of Baptists.

The Alliance of Baptists has been a progressive voice for 35 years, pushing the boundaries of Christianity towards anti-racism, LGBTQ+ inclusion and gender equity in ministry.

In Taking on the Cross, the Alliance gathers a diverse group of Baptist pastors, writers and theologians who critically question substitutionary atonement theology — that Jesus died on the cross for humanity’s sins — and offers pathways for reimagining the meaning of Jesus’ life and death.

The book begins with biblical and theological essays from multiple perspectives, then offers church resources — liturgy and faith formation — and finishes with a section on tools for the ministries of pastoral care and social justice.

Each chapter concludes with questions that will make Taking on the Cross a favorite for book clubs, Sunday school classes and small group discussions.

The Best Version of Alice and Taking on the Cross are each available in paperback for $18 (with free shipping) from GFM’s bookstore.

An e-book for each title will be available on Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes and Noble (Nook) soon.

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