Shopping for Nurturing Faith books — the book-publishing imprint of Good Faith Media — is even easier and more informative now.

The more robust online bookstore features a new product filter to enhance the shopping experience, expanded interior previews of each book, and author interviews.

The bookstore upgrades make it very user-friendly and easy to sort through the more than 100 book titles,said GFM’s Zach Dawes Jr., who designed and implemented the upgrades.

An online bookstore product filter.“A new filter allows customers to do live sorting of books based on category, author, series and/or price, with the products showing up immediately on the page,” said Dawes.

“On the individual product pages, customers will find a brief description of the book and author, along with the front and back cover images and a preview of the opening pages of the book,” he said. “A growing number of authors have been featured on the Good Faith Reads podcast, with their interviews embedded on their book and author pages.”

Nurturing Faith is purposefully different from traditional book publishing in that it makes use of the latest publishing technology, takes an author-friendly approach, and markets its books through the broader Good Faith Media enterprise.

Marketing initiatives include dedicated author pages on the bookstore site, advertisements through Nurturing Faith Journal and other GFM outlets, social media promotions, Good Faith Reads podcast interviews that feature authors discussing their books, and direct sales at events where GFM has a presence.

A webpage for a book with a summary, cover image and author information.“Our Nurturing Faith Books team enjoys working alongside authors not only in the publication process, but also in promoting and marketing our authors’ books,” said Bruce Gourley, who guides the book-publishing process.

A mutually beneficial relationship with its authors was enshrined into the innovative book-publishing effort when launched in 2011 in collaboration with the creative services firm, Faithlab.

Benefits include higher royalty payments, steep discounts on direct sales to authors and no first-refusal requirement on future books.

Retired pastor and professor Dan Day recalled an old bank slogan, “Small enough to know you; large enough to help you.” He said, “That combination of personal relationship and professional capability applies well to Nurturing Faith Books.”

“They are small enough to know you by name, and to consult with you while your book is being assembled,” said Day, whose third Nurturing Faith book was just published. “But best of all, they are professional and capable enough to produce a book that looks, feels and reads just as good as the ‘big boys.’”

Several authors have found the experience so positive they have published multiple Nurturing Faith Books. Currently, authors Jon Roebuck, Lynelle Mason, Bruce Salmon, and Maralene and Miles Wesner are each publishing five or more titles.

“Working with the staff of Good Faith Media from the moment of submitting a proposal until the work is ready for publication is an invigorating experience,” said Lynelle Mason. “I have found each person involved in the process to be both knowledgeable and caring. And I like being able to express my views freely with no fear of being rejected.”

Author Bruce Salmon said, “One big advantage of publishing with Nurturing Faith Books is the promotional support provided by Good Faith Media.”

“With five books published — or soon-to-be published — by Nurturing Faith, I can attest to the professionalism and quality of the enterprise,” he added.

Salmon commended Gourley and copyeditor Jackie Riley for their help throughout the publishing process — and expressed appreciation for the chance to discuss his books in two Good Faith Reads podcasts.

“All my books have been promoted in Nurturing Faith Journal and on the Good Faith Media website,” added Salmon, who has also written related articles for the journal.

The newly enhanced online bookstore offers a variety of excellent books and additional information on the creative and collaborative book-publishing ministry of Good Faith Media. Some books also have free, downloadable study guides.

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