U.S. adults who attend religious services weekly are more likely to report satisfaction with their lives than those who attend less often.

This was one of the findings from a Gallup survey conducted in early January and published on Jan. 31.

A strong majority (92%) of respondents who said they attended a religious service weekly reported being very satisfied (67%) or somewhat satisfied (25%) “with the way things are going in [their] personal life at this time.”

This is seven points above the national average, and it is five points higher than those who attend religious services monthly (44% very satisfied; 43% somewhat) and 10 points higher than those attending less often (48% very satisfied; 34% somewhat).

Five percent of weekly religious services attendees said they were “somewhat dissatisfied,” compared to 10% of monthly attendees and 12% of those frequenting services less often. The national average is 10%.

Only 1% of weekly worship attendees said they were “very dissatisfied” with their lives currently, compared to 3% of monthly worshippers and 6% who attend services less often. The national average is 4%.

The full report is available here. The topline results, noting a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points, are available here.

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