A new podcast from Good Faith Media seeks to raise awareness about the work of chaplains.

Soul Connection,” a three-episode podcast produced and hosted by GFM intern Rev. Delaney Metcalf, offers short interviews with experienced chaplains who share their wisdom and experience.

Episodes will be released on successive Wednesdays: May 8, 15 and 22.

“In my CPE [clinical pastoral education] experience,” said Metcalf, “many people were aware of pastors or ministers. However, they were unaware of chaplains and could be confused when I entered a room.”

“I have felt and seen the uncertainty of who chaplains are and what we do,” she continued. “With this podcast, I hope to raise awareness on the ministry chaplains wish to offer.”

Each of the three episodes asks a different but essential question about the ministry of chaplains: 

  • What is chaplaincy?
  • What are the different specialties of chaplains?
  • Why do we need chaplaincy?

“Chaplains seek to provide a ministry of presence in confidential conversations through active listening, compassion, and empathy,” said Metcalf. “They are not there to convert or judge; they are there in support, grounded in their own unique faith.”

Metcalf produced three episodes featuring the expertise of a variety of experienced chaplains. The three episodes are as follows:

  • Episode 1: Linda Seligman: What is chaplaincy?
  • Episode 2: Renée Owen: What are the different types of chaplains?
  • Episode 3: H. Mac Wallace: Why do we need chaplaincy?

“Chaplains are on the front lines of ministering to people during their most vulnerable moments and tragic times,” said Mitch Randall, CEO of Good Faith Media. “Chaplains display the strength and compassion people desperately need during those difficult days.”

“The ‘Soul Connection’ podcast will remind listeners about the importance and significance of these walking saints,” Randall said. “Good Faith Media is so proud to partner with GFM’s intern, Delaney Metcalf, as she brings these beautiful voices to the public square.”

Metcalf is a spring intern with Good Faith Media. She is in her third year at Campbell University Divinity School in Buies Creek, N.C., to earn a Master of Divinity. She has completed her first unit of clinical pastoral education (CPE). 

Click here to learn more about GFM’s Ernest C. Hynds internship program, made possible through a foundation gift by the First Baptist Church of Athens, Georgia.

Listen to the “Soul Connection” podcast on Megaphone, Spotify or Apple. 

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