Missy Randall is the experiences and events coordinator for Good Faith Media.

1.  What story, verse or passage from your faith tradition’s sacred texts has significantly influenced / shaped your life?

The Abram/Sarai/Hagar narrative.

I am embarrassed to admit that I had not read this story in its entirety until I was asked to portray Hagar in a dramatic presentation at church. Until that time, I had only read and heard cherry-picked sections offered by teachers and ministers. Reading the full narrative and framing it solely from Hagar’s perspective opened my eyes to the human element and reframed my outlook on the Abrahamic faiths.

2.  Who are three people (other than your family) who have shaped your life and worldview? And why?

1. Beth, a pastor’s wife from my childhood, upon hearing a very snooty 10-year-old me complain about one of the boys in my class having gross yellow teeth gently said, “What if his family cannot afford a toothbrush or a visit to the dentist?” In my 10-year-old naivety, that was something I had never considered, and her comment, intended to teach me something, definitely did. I have never forgotten that moment and the resulting shift in my worldview.

2. Strong, snarky, grace-filled (with a hint of ornery) women speak to me. I’ve been lucky enough to cross paths with and to be impacted by a few, and it is nearly impossible to choose just one.

Helen McGrath, a friend and fellow church member. Anyone who can approach the pulpit after Sunday service to offer a response to the pastor that ends with an expletive typically reserved for road rage and have it be one of the most endearing and oft retold stories around a dinner table is my forever hero. She’s a lover of all people (and animals), speaks truth in kindness yet never minces words and spreads joy to everyone in her path.

Molly Marshall, who can turn a phrase every bit as good as Lin-Manuel Miranda, fought tirelessly to break barriers in fundamentalist circles when walking away would have been so much easier. She is the very definition of “grit and grace.” She paved the way for so many women after her, and for that, I am grateful.

Babs Baugh exposed the myth of what many of us grew up believing – that there was only one mold for female, Baptist, followers of Jesus. She showed us how to put on our feisty pants, grab our best dancing shoes and plan our own party – the kind where everyone was invited. I’m confident hers is the one Jesus would have chosen to attend. Not only because it was way more fun, but because Babs would have made certain there was enough wine so he didn’t have to work that night. I would add her daughters, Jackie and Julie, to this list, but I fear I’m already pushing my luck with our in-house word counter and editor.

Autumn Lockett, who earned my eternal love and devotion the night she showed up on my doorstep in 2010 with Julia Child’s beef bourguignon. “Because I know how stressful and busy Easter week is for a pastor’s family.” She continues to teach me how to, as she says it, “Love at you.”

Wrap them all up, sprinkle in a little Ouiser Boudreaux and Moira Rose and that’s who I want to be when I grow up.

3. NorthHaven Church. Yes, I know – not a person, (but since I’ve already broken the rules of the question, I’ll sneak it in). It is impossible to separate my worldview from this place, this family that has collectively shaped who I am for the last 13 years. Within those walls, some of the most brilliant, thoughtful and forgiving folks have challenged, supported, cared for and loved our family fiercely. I’m not sure where we would be without them, and I am so grateful for their continued presence in my life.

3.  List three of your “desert island” books, movies or TV shows.

TV Series: Frasier and Schitt’s Creek

Books: Deserted Island for Dummies – This girl has ZERO survival skills.

4.  What is one of the most critical issues people are facing today?


5. What are a few of your hobbies?

Cooking/baking, reading, podcasts, binging a great series with Mitch and (if we ever get to do so again) travel.

6.  If you could freeze your life into an already-lived 10 seconds, what would they be?

The moment I hop in the car or board a plane to take off on a trip with Mitch and the boys.

7.  Our tagline at Good Faith Media is, “There’s more to tell.” What’s your “more to tell”?

If we’re telling more than we’re listening, we’re doing it wrong.

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