Onion Ring Theology – By Charles E. Taylor Jr.

Ideas, like valuable coins handled by many, can become tarnished beyond recognition. They may retain some common utility, but their true value is masked. In my adulthood, I have become convinced that the ideas of Jesus Christ have been handled by too many careless hands. Stripped of their mystery and passion, they have become common currency in the Western world.

The teachings of Christ are like an onion. When the skin and each successive layer is removed, there remain other rings, more pungent and succulent. This is a story of a young college student who dares to peel the onion. In the process, he uncovers a dimension of life without which he could never be complete.

Chad Clayborn was a college senior, a fun-loving, woman-crazy guy with his own apartment, a first-class sports car, even a couple of bona fide job prospects after graduation. Then, just when he thought his education was complete, a blind professor, a feisty senior citizen, and a gentle giant came into his life. In a matter of days, those three old “S.O.B.’s” introduced Chad to a dimension of life he never knew existed. A bit of humor. A touch of romance. A lot of soul searching.

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