Trailblazer: Part Two – By Lynelle Mason

Trailblazer, Part Two continues Mason's trilogy on the life of Noble Wimberly Jones. Part one is available here. Part three is available here.

Join young N.W. (Noble Wimberly) Jones and his family on a bold journey from their home in Lambeth, England to settling into the Georgia colony. The Georgia where N.W. lived as a teenager and young man (1740–1753) was marked by wars and Indian turmoil. The “Malcontents” finally succeeded in getting the laws against rum and slaves repealed.

General James Oglethorpe was fed up with their gripes, so he returned to England. The trustees also grew tired of the endless complaints and decided to turn the colony over to the British government. Georgia was now a crown colony.

An e-book is available on Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook).

All three books in the trilogy are available here at a discounted rate.

Lynelle Mason

Lynelle Mason

Mason, who is fast approaching 90, has published seven Nurturing Faith books. Her latest, Climbing Mountains, August 2020, is based on the life of Dr. Phyllis Miller. As a resident of Ascension Living and a member of First Baptist of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Mason enjoys offering words of encouragement, hugs and laughter with her ever-growing circle of friends. Learn more about Mason on her author page.










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