The Key to the Proverbs – By Richard L. Atkins

God’s gift of the Bible is a source of divine wisdom that helps answer many problems and perplexities of human existence. This is especially true of the Book of Proverbs.

These proverbs, however, have no orderly arrangement. The maxims and precepts are presented in the ancient Hebrew way of seeing a wise teacher as a bubbling spring of wisdom. These profound sayings tumbled from the teacher’s lips in profusion and at random. Yet, they reveal an abundance of knowledge on many subjects.

This lack of organization, however, can be challenging for modern readers. Grouping the proverbs under various headings is the best way to achieve rational coherence of thought. Such a topical treatment has been provided here in The Key to the Proverbs.

Richard L. Atkins

Richard L. Atkins

Atkins retired from the Naval Training Systems Center in Orlando where he was a project engineer. A teacher and deacon at Church on the Drive in Orlando, he sings in the choir and is active in the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Florida and served on the state steering committee. Atkins has published articles in The Journal of American Scientific Affiliation, Nurturing Faith Journal and The Deacon, and In 2018, he was featured as the “World’s Best-Prepared Sunday School Teacher” in the national publication Nurturing Faith Journal. Richard and his wife Merilyn have five adult children and 10 grandchildren.










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