Five Scrolls for All Time – By Tony Cartledge

The trowel of careful study and exegesis can unearth layers of meaning in the Bible that have long been overlooked. Tony Cartledge provides this type of thorough examination in his book, Five Scrolls for All Times, in which he tackles these tough texts.

The book of Ruth is familiar to many Christians as a story of love and devotion — but not for its deeper significance. Esther is a lesser known heroine whose story is more convoluted and troubling than it appears. The Song of Songs, with its frank eroticism, has frightened pious clerics into masking its message with allegory. The dark books of Lamentations and Ecclesiastes may send readers fleeing to higher literary ground lest they become too deeply enmeshed in the hard questions of life.

Travel with Tony Cartledge as he digs beneath surface pleasantries in these five books to discover the clever, hopeful, skeptical, sorrowful, delightful, and sometimes naked characters beneath.

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This book is part of the Nurturing Faith Bible Series. The other titles can be found here.

Tony W. Cartledge

Tony W. Cartledge

Cartledge is a Bible scholar and writer living in North Carolina. Since 2007, he has taught Hebrew Bible, writing, preaching and other ministry courses at Campbell University Divinity School  in Buies Creek, North Carolina, and he is the contributing editor and curriculum writer at Good Faith Media. Learn more about Cartledge on his author page.










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