Most pastors of Protestant churches in the U.S. have an overall sense of satisfaction and contentment in their role, according to a Barna Group report published June 15.

Nearly eight-in-10 (77%) say, “Despite the challenges of being a pastor, I can’t see myself doing anything else,” with only 15% somewhat or strongly disagreeing with this statement.

A similar number (75%) say they “feel rewarded as pastor,” with 14% disagreeing somewhat or strongly.

Most (91%) pastors surveyed who have not considered quitting agreed that they “can’t see [themselves] doing anything else,” while 89% agreed that they feel rewarded in their role. Among the pastors who have considered quitting, the percentages are 58% and 56%, respectively.

Only a slim majority (55%) of all respondents say that they prioritize self-care and 57% agreed strongly / somewhat with the statement, “I feel like my own spiritual formation too often takes a back seat to my other pastoral responsibilities.”

Among pastors who had considered quitting, less than half (45%) prioritize self-care and 67% say their spiritual formation suffers due to their vocational role.

The full report is available here.

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