People of good faith need to stand boldly for racial justice and denounce the evils of racism and white supremacy.

Rooted in the belief that God created all people in the divine image, every person has equal value and natural rights. Any attempts to infringe or minimize those rights based upon perceived racial disparities are contrary to God’s Word.

As a Christian, I believe Jesus exemplified God’s Word by demonstrating inclusivity, love and justice for all people.

As a United States citizen, I believe this country faces a pivotal moment during these perilous days. As we continue to combat the deadly results of a global pandemic, we find ourselves confronted with our nation’s original sin.

The fact remains that America has never truly repented of or reconciled our greatest sin. Racism, both overt and systemic, will be the downfall of this country if left unchecked. From the genocide of indigenous peoples to African Americans killed by police, the United States continues to leave the sin of racism neglected for the next generation to suffer.

Therefore, I want to publicly communicate my solidarity and support to the non-violent demonstrations we are witnessing across the country. Protest can be the highest form of resisting evil. It is a sad state of affairs that we still need to remind people: Black Lives Matter.

In addition, I also want to condemn the evils of systemic racism. For far too long, the institutional systems of the United States have grossly benefited the white ruling class over all others. From redlining to law enforcement practices, people of color suffer under systems that penalize them for the color of their skin. As the Executive Director of EthicsDaily, I want to call on the United States Congress to hold hearings in an attempt to analyze, study and make recommendations to change this unjust system.

I also want to vocalize my strong disagreement with President Donald J. Trump and his decision to use federal law enforcement to disperse peaceful protesters and citizens on June 1, 2020, in Washington D.C. The president’s action violates the values and principles on which our country was founded. In addition to the militant rhetoric and actions, I also take issue with the forced removal of peaceful protesters for the sole purpose of allowing the president to walk to historic St. John’s Church for a photo-op of himself holding a Bible. The church and God’s Word should never be used as political propaganda by anyone.

Finally, I pledge to be more strategic in my efforts to combat the evils of racism and white supremacy in this country. Even as a Native American, I am the leader of a predominately white organization. Thus, I need to publicly acknowledge the direct benefit of that privilege. I repent and seek forgiveness that my privilege ever contributed to the lack of opportunities for others and commit myself to work tirelessly for justice.

I stand united and in solidarity with all people seeking justice and equality.

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