and Nurturing Faith have combined to become Good Faith Media (GFM).

The two historic Baptist organizations benefit from more than 60 years of combined history in providing reliable news and relevant resources to people of faith who desire to pursue justice and advance the common good.

GFM will provide reflection and resources at the intersection of faith and culture through an inclusive Christian lens.

While staying true to historic Baptist principles of freedom rooted in the founding organizations, GFM will establish ecumenical and interfaith partnerships.

Directors of Baptist Center for Ethics (better known as EthicsDaily) and Baptists Today Inc. (better known as Nurturing Faith) approved the formation of the new entity in early 2020 after nearly a year of negotiation.

GFM provides a positive example of people of faith coming together rather than fracturing and competing.

It allows the challenges of this new era to be engaged from a position of strength rather than survival.

Combining these two organizations into one new, expanded venture provides for good financial stewardship as well as creating a larger, collaborative team with valuable gifts in the broad arena of faith-based media.

The new site – – combines the offerings of both and, housing all content from both sites at

Resources include news and opinion; video and podcasts; books, journal and curriculum publication; and experiences. GFM will also offer video-production services to partners and outside organizations.

GFM is active on social media at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vimeo, while a Facebook group, “Good Faith Gathering,” functions as a virtual coffee shop for conversation and community.

A weekly GFM podcast, “Good Faith Weekly,” launched in March. It features CEO Mitch Randall and Executive Director of Development and Marketing Autumn Lockett discussing current news and events and interviewing faith and community leaders.

Good Faith Stories,” a narrative GFM podcast series, released its first season in May.

Brother Molly” is a six-part series exploring the life and ministry of theologian Molly T. Marshall. It is narrated by Erica Whitaker, senior pastor of Buechel Park Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky.

“Good Faith Media is committed to inclusion for all, freedom for all and justice for all,” said Mitch Randall, executive director of EthicsDaily, who will become CEO of the new entity.

“As an organization dedicated to ecumenical and interfaith relationships, we will be a trusted and reliable resource for people of Good Faith.”

The combined staff from the two organizations is enhanced by the addition of Autumn Lockett and by writer/editor Bruce Gourley of Nurturing Faith assuming full-time responsibilities.

“Good Faith Media is greater than the sum of its two parts,” said John Pierce, who has led Baptists Today/Nurturing Faith for 20 years and will serve as executive editor and publisher for the new organization. “This combined and expanded team is well equipped to provide more high-quality resources and experiences than ever before.”

A generous gift from the Eula Mae and John Baugh Foundation funded the launch of the new entity, with additional support coming from other organizations and individuals who believe in GFM’s important mission.

“There is a meaningful, sacred movement along with interesting transition happening in our broader faith community,” said Jackie Baugh Moore, vice president of the Eula Mae and John Baugh Foundation.

“Good Faith Media is the result of a series of conversations, in that context, regarding the need for a creative, effective, engaging platform to help bridge us to the next generation of faith thinkers and leaders who are trying to learn and respond to critical issues and changes facing our communities and beyond.

“The Eula Mae and John Baugh Foundation is proud to offer our enthusiastic support for this new venture that will be a significant tool to help people of faith as they respond to their individual and collective calls to make a positive impact in their own communities and connect them to others,” Baugh Moore said.

Baptists Today was founded in 1983 by veteran journalist Walker Knight (1924-2019) to produce an autonomous national newspaper, first known as SBC Today.

The publication evolved into Nurturing Faith Journal and, in recent years, the mission expanded to publish books and Bible studies and to provide Nurturing Faith Experiences.

Baptist Center for Ethics was founded in 1991 by Robert Parham (1953-2017) to provide timely resources, including opinion columns, news articles, documentary films, Bible studies and video interviews. Following Parham’s death in 2017, Randall became executive director of EthicsDaily.

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