Good Faith Media is developing a podcast network that will include original content, GFM partnership productions and curated podcasts from other organizations.

During the pandemic, Good Faith Media has produced and released five original podcasts and two podcasts produced in partnership with outside individuals and organizations.

The five GFM podcasts cover a variety of genres such as a long-form narrative and episodic seasons of content covering a variety of topics. Cliff Vaughn, GFM’s media producer, leads the video and podcast division, bringing his award-winning documentary experience to podcast productions.

Good Faith Weekly” is hosted by GFM Executive Director for Development and Marketing, Autumn Lockett, and me. Autumn and I cover a variety of current topics in a thoughtful and fun way during the first segment. The second segment introduces a significant guest from the world of religion, politics or culture. Autumn and I benefit from learning from our extraordinary guest’s knowledge and expertise.

Brother Molly” recounts the life and career of Dr. Molly T. Marshall. The podcast is a long-form, narrative podcast with six episodes. Each episode retells part of Marshall’s life growing up in Oklahoma and her remarkable career as a groundbreaking theologian and seminary president.

Good Faith Stories” is the brainchild of Vaughn. It focuses on stories told by the people who lived them. GFM encounters so many interesting people with such rich lives that we felt compelled to put their stories into podcasts told by the individuals themselves. Each episode is loosely gathered around a theme, demonstrating the commonalities we have as human beings.

Good Faith Reads” sits down with Nurturing Faith authors to discuss their books and writing processes. Nurturing Faith Books is the publishing imprint of Good Faith Media, with over 100 books currently available. Nurturing Faith authors are a diverse collection of personalities who are passionate about their skills and topics.

The Raceless Gospel” is hosted by Starlette Thomas, a contributing correspondent at Good Faith Media. Thomas refers to herself as a “podcast pastor,” as each episode is constructed as a worship experience with guests joining for a segment of proclamation. Thomas and her guests discuss the taboo trinity of race, religion and politics.

Good Faith Media believes strongly in the notion that “a rising tide lifts all boats.” Therefore, we work hard at developing and advancing the causes of partnering organizations that share in our passion for an inclusive faith community.

We have forged partnerships with several individuals and organizations to develop podcasts in which the partners create the content while GFM produces, distributes and markets the podcasts.

Pilgrimages of Striving and Thriving” is a joint effort between Good Faith Media and Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Society. The podcast explores how Black pastoral leaders in the United States flourish in their various ministerial contexts. The wisdom and insights from these pastors are inspiring for any person of faith.

Discovering Wholeness” is a partnership between Good Faith Media and three professional clergy and counselors. Kyndall Rae Rothaus, Kyndra Frazier and Gillian Drader co-host the podcast, discussing the issues of trauma and unearthing self. “Discovering Wholeness” attempts to stay grounded while healing self and walking alongside those who are healing.

Finally, with the launch of the Good Faith Media Network of podcasts, GFM will be engaging organizations interested in distributing and marketing their already-existing podcasts as part of the overall network. Individuals and organizations will maintain full control of the creation and production of the podcast, while Good Faith Media will assist in the distribution and marketing, in addition to seeking sponsorships and advertisers.

With such a robust network of podcasts, Good Faith Media will be able to provide lucrative opportunities for potential sponsors and advertisers. A revenue-sharing formula will be negotiated between GFM and the podcast creators who join GFM’s network. Together, GFM and partners will be able to gain a larger market share while bolstering sponsorship and advertising revenue.

Good Faith Media is extremely excited to develop and launch this network of podcasts. Our hope is that more individuals, groups and organizations utilize the innovative format of podcasting as a means to voice their perspectives and add to the important conversations currently taking place. We hope you will consider joining the network and spreading a little good faith.

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