A new collaborative podcast will drop at Good Faith Media next week.

“Discovering Wholeness: Healing Trauma, Unearthing Self” will focus on a variety of topics that address what it means to heal from trauma.

The first two episodes of season one will be available on April 6, with a weekly episode release for the subsequent seven episodes. Listen to a trailer here.

Kyndall Rae Rothaus, Kyndra Frazier and Gillian Drader, whose lives converged as they discovered their shared passion for trauma care, are the hosts. They each bring unique life experiences to the conversations that will take place in each episode.

Kyndra Frazier headshot

Kyndra Frazier

“I sit at the intersection of being a Black, Queer, Female-bodied clinician and ordained Alliance of Baptist clergy person whose own trauma and desire to heal, and support others in healing, leads me to Discovering Wholeness,” Frazier says. “I also bring the lens of an ever-evolving theology that continues to make room for the diversity of humanity.”

Kyndall Rae Rothaus headshot

Kyndall Rae Rothaus

This podcast invites listeners toward healing from their own trauma and provides tools for caregivers to better engage the stories they encounter in their work with those in their care.

“As a queer woman who grew up in the Bible belt under the weight of Christian fundamentalism and as someone who has survived both sexual assault and domestic abuse, I bring a lot of personal experience to this topic,” Rothaus says. “I don’t just care about the subject of trauma as a ‘helper’ or ‘healer.’ I care about it as one who has healed and is healing. I also bring my experience as a foster mom and my deep love for vulnerable children to the conversation.”

The podcast came together as a collaboration between Drader and Rothaus, with the two reaching out to Frazier based on her experience caring for those who have experienced religious trauma.

“When the conversation began,” Rothaus shares, “I immediately thought of Kyndra because I knew about her work around religious trauma and trauma-informed care. I asked Kyndra if she was interested in joining, and there seemed to be a great synergy between all of us.”

Because the podcast is meant to invite its listeners into a full-bodied healing from trauma, each episode begins and ends with a practice meant to help listeners locate themselves in their bodies and come home to their breath.

Gillian Drader headshot

Gillian Drader

“The way in which I sit at the intersection of trauma therapy in my clinical work and spiritual formation in my role as a spiritual director is unique and brings a much-needed integration of the depth dimension that brings healing to our souls and spirit and emotional and psychological work that brings healing to our lived human experience,” Drader says. “Having been involved in ministry as well as a clinical counselling practice has allowed me to see both sides of the work and bringing those two worlds together is a passion for me now.”

Rothaus, Frazier and Drader are particularly excited about the way this podcast might bring hope and freedom to people who have experienced trauma by providing support and community to their listeners.

“I hope everyone who listens to our podcast walks away with a better understanding of trauma, feeling like their own wounds and scars have been seen and tended to with loving attention as well as feeling more equipped to tend well to the wounds and scars of others,” Rothaus says.

“We are honored and excited to release ‘Discovering Wholeness.’ The hosts’ professional insights and practical advice will provide a soothing balm for some while inspiring many others,” says Good Faith Media CEO Mitch Randall. “One of our central missions at Good Faith Media is to provide meaningful and important resources.  ‘Discovering Wholeness’ will be an incredible and safe resource for anyone seeking trusted insights about trauma.”

Listeners can learn more about “Discovering Wholeness” here. You can follow the podcast on Instagram and Facebook, and it will be available on Apple, Spotify and other platforms.

Since the creation of GFM in 2020, the non-profit has launched a range of podcasts.

These include the long-form narrative “Brother Molly” about theologian Molly T. Marshall, “Good Faith Weekly” with GFM executives Mitch Randall and Autumn Lockett, the race-religion-politics-focused “Raceless Gospel” featuring Starlette Thomas, and more.

Visit GFM’s podcast page to explore all of the offerings.

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