Phases of Faith in the Biblical Story – By Sherrill Gardner Stevens

In Phases of Faith in the Biblical Story, author Sherrill Gardner Stevens takes readers on a journey through the development of the religious faith. His chronological exploration reveals how perspectives of God and faith evolved and the various ways that people have expressed their faith over time.

Phases of Faith is divided up into sections describing the various time periods and eras that defined faith development in the Old Testament (the Patriarchal period, the Tribal period, and the Exile period) and the New Testament (the teachings of Jesus Christ and the first centuries after Christ’s time on Earth). In addition, Stevens incorporates contextual background information within the discussion to enhance the readers’ understanding of events and ideas.

“The Christian faith has been, and is, a living faith,” Stevens writes. “It has continued to change through the centuries of church history as the store of human knowledge has grown, as culture has affected it, and as skilled and devoted Christians have searched and applied discovered information and inspired insights. Divine guidance has been an unfailing help in fulfilling humanity’s search for light, truth, and abundant life.”

An e-book is available on Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook).

Sherrill Gardner Stevens

Sherrill Gardner Stevens

Stevens is a retired pastor, having served 48 years in churches in North Carolina, Kentucky, and Virginia. He also served 30 years as an Army Reserve chaplain. A graduate of Wake Forest College (B.A.), Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (Th.M.), and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Ph.D.), he also has experience as a writer of Sunday School literature and biblical interpretation and as an adjunct professor at Southeastern Seminary and Campbell University Department of Religion.










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