The Modern Magnificat – By Jennifer Harris Dault, editor

For many women, the call to ministry is particularly challenging. Those of us raised in the Baptist tradition were often taught that God simply doesn't call women-but only men-to the ministry. And yet, the Spirit continues blowing where she will, dancing around both women and men, inviting all to join in service. What is a woman to do when she hears that call? How is she to remain faithful to what she was taught, while remaining faithful to the voice of God?

The Modern Magnificat is an attempt to chronicle the journey of calling. In its pages, you will find the stories of twenty-three Baptist women who heard God's call. These women are from a variety of backgrounds, spanning Baptist life. You will find Southern Baptists, Cooperative Baptists, American Baptists, Missionary Baptists, Alliance of Baptists, and others. There are women who are committed to being life-long Baptists. There are women who find their identity in the Baptist church, but have found places of service among the Disciples of Christ, United Methodists, and Mennonites. There are women who are not sure if they will be able to remain Baptist.

An e-book is available on Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook).

Jennifer Harris Dault

Jennifer Harris Dault

Harris Dault is the pastor of St. Louis Mennonite Fellowship. She has been part of St. Louis Mennonite Fellowship in a variety of roles since 2012. She has a BA in English from Southwest Baptist University and an MDiv from Central Baptist Theological Seminary, where she was part of the first CREATE cohort.











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