If a recent poll is correct, the United States of America could face another four years of President Donald J. Trump in the White House.

The New York Times and Siena College poll shows former President Donald Trump leading current President Joe Biden in five of six battleground states one year before the next presidential election.  

These include Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Trump leads Biden across those states by an average of 48% to 44%, with Wisconsin being the only state that has Biden ahead.  

In a national poll conducted by CNN/SSRS, Trump leads Biden 49% to 45%.

This news has sent shockwaves across the country, leading former Obama presidential advisor David Axelrod to question another Biden run for the White House. While Axelrod remains supportive of Biden, he acknowledged recent poll numbers will send “tremors of doubt” through the Democratic Party.

With one year remaining until Americans vote for their next president, these numbers have forced me to think about what a potential four more years with Trump as president might look like. Let me offer a trigger warning for the faint of heart and those with queasy stomachs.

Much of the following will hinge on whether conservatives can maintain their majority in the House of Representatives and win control of the Senate. Still, citizens must face the reality that four more years of Trump is possible with conservative control of the U.S. Congress.  

This week’s rejection of MAGA policies and candidates pointed in a more positive direction, but Trump himself was not on the ballot, and MAGA voters may not have turned out in higher numbers. Trump remains extremely popular among the Republican base, leading the primary field by a margin of 56.5% to his closest rival at 13.9%.   

Therefore, if Trump supporters turn out to vote next year and Democrats lose enthusiasm for Biden, there is a more than plausible chance Trump will be reelected.

So, what would another four years of Trump look like with the other two branches of government supporting his policies?

National abortion ban.

Depletion of voting rights.

Dismantling the wall separating church and state.

Weakening democracy while strengthening autocracy.

Isolation from global allies while embracing totalitarian regimes.

Attacks on public education and higher learning.

Repeal of marriage equality.

Restricting gender-affirming care.

The full embrace of Christian nationalist policies.

The further militarization of local police departments.

In a phrase, America will be embracing the basic tenets of fascism.

With this terrifying potential standing before us, concerned Americans must work together to forge a better way. Both conservatives and liberals deserve better than a Trumpian future.  

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The future of America and the Christian witness stands at a crossroads. We can either give in to the anti-democratic policies of Trump and his supporters, or we can work together for a more perfect union that champions freedom and justice for all.

Finally, people of good faith need to not only oppose Christian nationalism in all its forms, but also to model a better way to live out our faith and ensure democracy for all people regardless of faith.  

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