A Daily Prayer, Short and Sweet – by W.G. (Bill) Henderson

In A Daily Prayer, Short and Sweet, Bill Henderson puts down on paper many of the conversations he has had with God, and the result is a daily devotional whose prayers explore avenues that are frequently on the minds and hearts of all of us. “I have known all my life about prayer,” Henderson writes. “Like breathing in and breathing out, it is just a natural part of moment-by-moment living—every hour, every day.” Henderson looks back on his childhood memories of learning to pray: “I can remember my mother praying over me at the crib. I can feel her face next to mine, and I knew she was talking to God about me. It was a while before I heard the words, but I remember them like yesterday. My father prayed for me at the dinner table—long, eloquent, and sincere talks with God, often reminding God of what had been promised, not demanding, just celebrating the unshakeable foundation that had been laid through the generations.” As an adult, praying became a way for Henderson to articulate his feelings and codify his commitments to God in a way that hasn’t always felt natural or easy—or consistent— but that has still led him to enjoy a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with the Almighty.

An e-book is available on Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook).

W.G. (Bill) Henderson

W.G. (Bill) Henderson

The son of a minister and missionaries, Henderson grew up in a home where prayer was modeled daily. He is a product of Furman University, Southeastern Seminary, and Southern Seminary. He has given pastoral leadership to churches in Georgia and North Carolina. Bill and his wife, the former Rena Storey of Rome, Georgia, have two grown children, Will and Maryanne.










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