New Psalms from The Old Psalms – By William G. Henderson, Jr.

If you are a regular to devotional reading, you already have a steady diet of inspirational material to keep your spirits challenged. If you are an honest and broad Scripture reader, you know of readings that are less than pleasant or just plain hard to read (and therefore mostly avoided). That goes for personal devotions and congregational reading. Some of them just do not sound nice!

The “old psalms” have these pockets of pedantry, even spewing out occasional curses, “go get ’ems,” whines of self-pity, and burn-the-house-down epithets. These we almost never read. Yet, we insist on a full reading of all the scriptures to have “real” conversations with God.

Real conversations with God, when seen through a mirrored image, can be disarmingly raw, real, and rigorous. They pray, plead, cry, whine, and reach glorious heights of poetic utterance. Then they sling mud, demand favors, claim their own righteousness, and even get a bit too big for their britches occasionally.

It is into that matrix of real conversations that the old psalms have always meant to take us. So, welcome to the “new psalms." Here you have them all in today’s language, set in today’s current flow of life — if you dare read them!

An e-book is available on Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook).

W.G. (Bill) Henderson

W.G. (Bill) Henderson

The son of a minister and missionaries, Henderson grew up in a home where prayer was modeled daily. He is a product of Furman University, Southeastern Seminary, and Southern Seminary. He has given pastoral leadership to churches in Georgia and North Carolina. Bill and his wife, the former Rena Storey of Rome, Georgia, have two grown children, Will and Maryanne.










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