Dream in Progress – By Kathleen Stulce

There are 700 references to dreams in the Bible. God was understood to speak through dreams and visions, connecting God to the people. Because dreams were so revered, interpretations were of the utmost importance. Kings made critical decisions based on such interpretations, influencing entire nations and the future of their people.

Dream in Progress is the product of my longtime fascination with dreams. Divided into three sections of meditations, each section or “book” is based on a different story in the Bible.

Book I comes from Genesis, detailing Joseph’s dreams and their impact on his life and the lives of many others. Book II is drawn from 1 Samuel where the young Samuel hears God’s voice in the night and eventually leads the nation of Israel. Book III is taken from the books of Daniel and Jonah, where we follow the folktales of Daniel, another dream interpreter, contrasted with the parable of Jonah.

My hope is that these meditations will bring life to these familiar Bible stories and that you will discover application to your own life as you read them.

An e-book is available on Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook).

Kathleen Emerson Stulce

Kathleen Emerson Stulce

Stulce is a retired Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an ordained United Church of Christ minister. She resides in Ooltewah, Tennesse, on a farm with her husband Terry.











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