True Colors – edited by Jake Hall

The beauty of a prism lies in the way it refracts light, revealing the colors that are hidden within it. Each facet of the prism offers a new perspective, a new way of seeing the world around us.

In much the same way, the contributors to this volume offer a range of experiences around LGBTQ+ inclusion in the Baptist tradition. They are like the facets of a prism, each reflecting a different aspect of the light that shines on this complex and contentious issue.

Each contributor has served as a congregational minister, and each has come to understand the love of God in Christ in a different way, both within themselves and within their congregations and contexts. Through their essays, they reveal the true colors of inclusion—colors that have too often been dimmed or dismissed within the church. They expose alternative readings of the text, theological frameworks, and leadership strategies that shade and diminish the fullness of the body of Christ. These honest readings of the Bible and fresh theological frameworks provide insights into the lived experience of LGBTQ+ persons and their congregations. The essays are not only thoughtful and engaging but also deeply personal and transformative. Each contributor shares their own journey of understanding and their own struggle to fully embody the good news and to lead their congregations to do the same. They invite deeper conversation on the expansive love of God in Christ.

In a world that often seems divided and polarized, the contributors to True Colors: Stories of Baptist Inclusion offer a vision of the church as a place of welcome and beauty. They challenge us to see beyond the narrow confines of tradition and orthodoxy and to embrace the full spectrum of human experience and diversity.

We hope that this volume will be a valuable resource for pastors, congregations, and individuals seeking to deepen their understanding and live out the call to love and justice that is at the heart of the gospel. May it inspire us to see the world in all its vibrant and diverse colors and to work together to build a more inclusive and compassionate church.










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