Globally, fifty- three percent of employees are looking for the exit, according to a Gallup report published July 27. 

Fifty-one percent are actively job hunting. This is based on the 2023 State of the Global Workplace report.  

“It’s not surprising that employees are viewing the global job market more positively today than they did a year ago,” wrote Matt Moser, Chief Human Resources Officer at Gallup.Millions of workers permanently exited the workforce amid the pandemic, and lockdowns slowed the rate of immigration, further restricting talent pools. Check any job postings site and you’ll find the number of open listings is massive, often exceeding the pre-pandemic norm.”

For those who fear losing their top talent to recruiters, focus on relationship-building, do weekly check-ins and “conduct stay interviews,” Moser said. “Each year, do an in-depth interview with your stars—ask why they stay, what might make them leave and what’s most important to them.”

Next, ensure that your organizational values are inspiring but not just on paper. Customers as well as employees should “experience” them.

Finally, with the odds in the employee’s favor, Moser says, “Recruit.” By this, he means sell the company to the applicant. Citing the labor shortage and layoffs due to over-hiring, Moser argues that there remains “significant opportunities for high-potential, high-performing candidates.”

To read the full report, click here.

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