Namaste, Newbie! – By Jim Dant

I am not an authority on the practice of yoga. I am, in many ways, deciding to be the proverbial blind leading the blind. I am a beginner offering insight to other beginners. I am a novice sharing my embryonic experiences and pitifully sophomoric thoughts in order to get you past whatever anxieties and fears you hold with regard to yoga. Some may seem simple: What equipment do I need? How will I ever learn the poses? Will my body really do that? Other concerns may be deeper: Will this conflict with my faith? Do I have to be vegan? How will yoga affect my life?

I am making the assumption that my experience and subsequent thoughts will naturally address the mental and physical obstacles that have kept you from entering the yoga world, your local yoga studio, or your community center's yoga class. Some fellow novices will be astounded by the depth of my knowledge and commitment after having only practiced for one year. Longtime practitioners of yoga will probably smile and roll their eyes at my ignorance and naivete. Both reactions will be expressions of truth.

I want this book to be informative and fun. I want you to laugh with me and at me. I will transparently expose my worries, missteps, and fumbles so that you can either avoid them or fall fearlessly into them. I would suggest the latter.

I'll admit it: I want to entice you into a world-no, into a way of being in the world-that makes the world a better place for all of us.

An e-book is available on Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook).

Jim Dant

Jim Dant

Dant serves as co-pastor of Nineteenth Avenue Baptist in San Francisco, after eight years serving as senior minister of the First Baptist Church, Greenville, South Carolina. In his spare time, he’s an Ironman triathlete, writer, conference speaker, tournament poker player, bass guitarist, Hebrew geek, father of three incredible daughters, grandfather of two stellar grandchildren, and a seeker of God.










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