The Lighter Side – By Brett Younger

The Lighter Side is a collection of humorous, yet meaningful observations about life and faith, including "Windshield Wiper Wisdom," "The Young and the Waistless, the Old and the Beautiful," and "The Joy of Sox." Taking insights and observations from daily life, Younger shares amusing family stories, trip experiences and church narratives. He looks for the shining lights in Christ’s church and the bright lights in ministry.

"I have learned to look for the shining lights in Christ’s church — gracious women who wish Miss Manners had written Romans, the painter at my parents’ church who put a hint of kudzu in the baptistery, the good church people who made me drive home barefoot after preaching at their church because they thought someone in Liberia needed my shoes more than I do," Younger writes. "I have learned to look for the bright lights in ministry: the kind of preachers whose nurseries run out of space nine months after they preach on the Song of Solomon; ministers who speak on war, abortion, and the presidential campaign and have everyone shouting “Amen”; ministers who may initially be distracted during worship (“Why does the Lord’s Prayer sound like the voice on my GPS?”), but who end up with 'I can’t believe what saints I get to serve.'

"When you write a column called 'The Lighter Side,' you end up looking for light," he explains. "I have been given a good gift."

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