Klesis – By Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

As you explore this workbook, you will find stories, exercises, and reflection questions for your review. It is designed in a sequential manner, but we trust that you will work the chapters that appeal to you. Our hope is that you will find great joy in understanding God’s gifts and grace to you. of covenant faith, so that you can continue in your journey.

This study, whether you pursue it alone or in the context of a group, is designed:
• To examine the unique person that you are.
• To discover the features of your experiences and capabilities that will enrich the lives of those with whom you share this journey.
• To identify specific ways for you to apply yourself in the ministry that is yours.

When you complete the process this workbook offers, we hope that you will have a clearer view of your gifts. Maybe you will see patterns that have developed as you take a journey through your work stories and life experiences, and maybe you will name your gifts and how that translates into your ministry and calling.

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is pleased to include Klesis as a part of the Dawnings suite of resources.










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