Good Faith Media is pleased to announce that Starlette Thomas and Alyssa Aldape are now part of the GFM team.

Thomas and Aldape became part-time, contributing correspondents in April and June, respectively.

Thomas, who also hosts the “Raceless Gospel” podcast that will launch season two later this month, is shifting into a full-time role today, July 1. She will head up The Raceless Gospel Initiative and serve as associate editor.

“I have been bearing witness to the raceless gospel in blog posts and in papers presented overseas, in the margins of books and on store receipts for more than 10 years,” Thomas said.

“In these new roles, Good Faith Media has affirmed both my love of words and my calling to undermine the credibility of the sociopolitical construct of race,” she said. “I am so delighted to practice my word work alongside such gracious and gifted people of good faith.”

Thomas is an ordained Baptist minister, who served previously in both local churches and denominational entities. She is currently pursuing a doctor of ministry degree at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C., studying ecclesiology and the intersection of gender politics and race, and their interplay for a transformative spirituality.

Aldape has served as a pastor in local churches in Georgia and Washington, D.C., and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Samford University and a Master of Divinity from Mercer University’s McAfee School of Theology.

“Growing up, my teachers told me to tell the truth,” Aldape said. “For better or worse, I’ve been called a truth teller and, for better or worse, the fire in my bones to speak truth is not quenched with easy answers. My hope is that my writing invites us all to be dissatisfied with the easy answers as we ask, ‘What is truth?’”

“Good Faith Media has given me the space to tell these stories that come from experience as a lifelong church kid whose hope for the church is grounded in disrupting narratives that cause harm and deplete hope,” she said.

You can get to know Aldape and Thomas by listening to their recent conversation with GFM CEO Mitch Randall and Executive Director of Development and Marketing Autumn Lockett on the Good Faith Weekly podcast.

“Having Starlette Thomas and Alyssa Aldape join our Good Faith Media staff is both exciting and exhilarating,” said Randall.

“Rev. Thomas will be launching ‘The Raceless Gospel Initiative’ across each GFM platform, as she helps people of good faith deconstruct race as a sociopolitical construct to be replaced with a gospel that relates to the hearts and minds of people,” he said. “Rev. Aldape will be a contributor to our digital content and Nurturing Faith Journal while engaging in special projects.

“Both ministers are skilled writers and deep thinkers. Good Faith Media is extremely fortunate they are part of our family.”

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