Since the launch of on July 1, we have had nearly 400,000 pages viewed.

We’re grateful to our contributors from around the world who have offered their insights, expertise and perspective on global events, issues and challenges. Clearly, the content has been engaging and relevant based on the volume of site visits over the past six months.

Together, we have published nearly 300 opinion pieces and more than 90 news articles since GFM’s launch. Here are the most-read articles since July 1:

10. Is Trumpism a Cult? Let’s See. by John D. Pierce (Sept. 8)

9. Why So Many People Admired Basketball Legend Kobe Bryant by Cory Jones (Feb. 24)

8. Fundamentalists Have a Problem with Jesus by Mitch Randall and Mark Wingfield (Sept. 3)

7. Donald Trump Goes to Church Every Sunday by John D. Pierce (Dec. 1)

6. The Long-Lasting Harm of Jerry Falwell by John D. Pierce (Aug. 11)

5. How QAnon Has Hijacked Anti-Trafficking Movement by Pam Strickland (Aug. 19)

4. You’re Wrong, Franklin Graham: God Was at DNC by Rob Sellers (Aug. 25)

3. This One Word Best Describes 2020 by Steve McClain (Sept. 8)

2. What the ‘I Won’t Live in Fear’ Crowd Gets Wrong by Misty Hseih (Nov. 23)

1. Editor’s Picks. Bruce Gourley, GFM’s managing editor for publication and experiences coordinator, curates global headlines each weekday morning.

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Nurturing Faith Books, GFM’s publishing imprint, published 21 books this year and launched Good Faith Reads, a podcast interviewing Nurturing Faith Books’ authors.

There are currently more than 100 books available in the GFM bookstore. If you’re interested in publishing with NFB, you can find details and directions here.

Here are the 10 most purchased books in 2020 via GFM’s online bookstore:

10. Hopeful Imagination by Mike Queen and Jayne Davis

9. Cloud Miles by Imad Enchassi

8. Letters to Nancy by Mahan Siler

7. Jesus of Nazareth and the Kingdom of Weeds: Book One: Αρχή by Robert L. Maddox

6. A Man of Peace Goes to War: A Memoir by Harold Storey

5. This I Know by Jim Dant

4. Seeing with Jesus by Jack Glasgow

3. To Dream Again, Again! by Robert D. Dale

2. Just What Is a Healthy Church? by Bill Owen, editor

1. Take Care of Yourself by Jim Qualls

We look forward to collaborating with our readers, columnists, authors, supporters and board members in 2021 as we provide reflection and resources at the intersection of faith and culture through an inclusive Christian lens.

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